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Curse of Chucky review

Posted by John Bartus on October 10, 2013 at 9:10 AM

Well after a 9 year gap, everyone's favorite killer doll is back in the newest installment entitled "Curse of Chucky'' and he's better than ever. Taking place right after "Child's Play 3'', Chucky is sent to a mansion with the owners being Nica (played by Fiona Dourif) and her mother Sarah (played by Chantal Quesnelle). Later that day, Nica's mother is mysteriously murdered and Nica only assumes she commited suicide. After a series of gruesome and errie deaths that follow, Nica now realizes that it might've been the doll. But Chucky has a personal agenda to deal with, that started 20 years ago, through the bloody and shocking end. We also learn about Charles Lee Ray's history as we enter a black and white flashback sequence. Alex Vincent even returns, but only in the post credits, and gives his best performance as Andy Barclay since the first two entries.

The one and only minor grip i have with this film is one scene with the "CGI Chucky''. My god he looks girly with that CGI effect added to him, but fortunately, the rest of the doll effects are good old fashioned animatronics.

It's really a great comeback for the memorable killer doll again. It's been a 9 year gap since 2004's dismal "Seed of Chucky'', which if you ask me was more of a comedy than this 2013 entry. The series has returned to it's horror roots and Chucky is definitely scary again to audiences around the world. Chucky is one sneaky bastard :)

5 out of 5 stars. Thumbs up, delivers the goods.


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